Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a shirt in every Yaoi Crate?

No, there is not a shirt in every Yaoi Crate, but we will be including a tee in some of the boxes.


When does the Yaoi Crate ship?

Yaoi Crates ship around the middle of the month. 

Do you ship internationally?


Yes! We will be shipping our boxes worldwide. Just choose the international subscription option, and you will be all set. International orders include a customs declaration, and any customs duties or fees required are the responsibility of the customer.


Are there certain countries you can’t ship to? 


Short answer: maybe. 


Long answer: depending on what kind of agreements we may have with a publisher or mangaka for the rights to sell products, we might not be able to ship to Japan or Asia. We will be sure to give all of our Japanese and Asian subscribers a heads up if this is the case, and we don’t expect it to come up often (if at all), but we wanted to be sure to mention it here. 


How do I track my package?


When our boxes ship, we will send you your tracking number so that you can follow your box’s journey to you!

How old do you have to be to buy a Yaoi Crate? 


Yaoi Crates will only be sold to people who are 18 or older because of the content inside. 


Is the manga in Yaoi Crate censored or uncensored? 


This one will depend on what rights our publishing partners may have or what the mangaka may want, and what countries we are shipping to. We will try to get uncensored content as often as possible!


How do I make a request for Yaoi Crate to work with my favorite publisher or mangaka? 


Just fill out our contact form here!


Is there a monthly theme? 


We know that this is pretty common for monthly subscription boxes, but we won’t have themes at first. Our goal is to give you amazing products and goods made from your favorite BL, and trying to fit those items around a theme may cause us to compromise on the stories we choose. 


Instead, we will be basing our monthly crates on the publishers and mangaka we are going to be working with!


I don’t want my friends and/or family to know about my BL obsession. What does the outside of the Yaoi Crate look like? 

That’s a great question! Before we launched Yaoi Crate, we interviewed hundreds of BL fans about what they would want the outside of their box to look like, and an overwhelming amount said they do NOT want the outside of the box to have ANY yaoi or BL artwork. So we will be honoring that! The outside of our boxes will be plain white except for a pink sticker with our “chinchin” logo that is unrecognizable to anyone who isn’t familiar with our brand. 


On the inside of the box, however, you will find full size artwork of your favorite boys doing what they do best. ;) 


What kind of items can I expect in a Yaoi Crate?


Each month, we will send you 4-6 exclusive and officially licensed yaoi and BL items. This can be anything from manga and doujinshi to keychains and t-shirts!


Do you post spoilers or teasers on what is in the box?


Yes, on our social media pages, we do share spoilers and teasers of items inside the box. However, we always do so in a way that hides them so that those who don’t want to be spoiled before their box arrives will be able to avoid them. 


What happens if an item arrives damaged? 


If your box arrives and there is a damaged, missing, or otherwise not-perfect item, please email us at as soon as you can and we will get it replaced for free. 


When does the next month’s fee get charged?


Your recurring charge will happen on or around the 11th of each month. If you prepaid for our 3, 6, or 12 month option, you will be charged on or around the 11th of the next month following your final prepaid month.


What is your refund/cancellation policy? 


To cancel your subscription at any time, you may either log in to your account and follow the cancellation procedures there, or send us an email at and we will be happy to do it for you. If you cancel, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term. Please note that a cancellation does not trigger a refund. A cancellation will only halt future renewals, and any boxes already paid for will be shipped as scheduled.


As of January 2021, all Yaoi Crate purchases, including store orders, are final and no refunds are offered for products once they have been purchased, or for any boxes received by the customer unless the items inside are damaged.

How do I get in contact with you about my order? 


If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please email


How long does it take you to reply to customer questions?


We strive to reply to you within 24 hours of your email.


What types of payment do you accept? 


Our subscription partner, Cratejoy, accepts most major credit cards. If your payment method is not supported, please email us at


How do I subscribe to Yaoi Crate?


Just visit after September 1st, choose where you live, what your shirt size is, and check out! 


Do you offer prepaid plans at a discount?


Yes, we offer a 3, 6, and 12 month prepaid option that saves you 10%, 15%, and 20% respectively! 

If I am a subscriber, will I miss out on a box since they are limited quantity?

No, if you are a month-to-month subscriber or a 3, 6, and 12 month prepaid subscriber, you will always get a box every month unless you unsubscribe. Once all existing subscriptions have been processed, then we open that month's box up to new subscribers, if we have boxes left for them.


Are all of the products in the box officially licensed? 


Yes, all of the products you find in Yaoi Crate come directly from the mangaka, or come from the publisher who has acquired the goods rights from the mangaka. If it comes in Yaoi Crate, it is official.


Do you sell fan made merchandise?


We do not sell fan made merchandise. All of our items are officially licensed. 

What is Kinboshi Goods? 


Kinboshi Goods, LLC is the company that owns Yaoi Crate. Kinboshi Goods is a Colorado-based manufacturer of licensed merchandise and goods for niche anime and manga fans. 


It is also an online retailer where you can get limited edition yaoi and BL merchandise, as well as merch and goods from your favorite publishers and mangaka. The site is launching mid-October.


I missed out on an item in one of the past Yaoi Crates. Is it possible to get it? 


It might be! We always order extra for Yaoi Crates just in case something gets damaged in transit. When we have leftover of those items, we will list them on (Launching soon) so you can get the items at retail price. It’ll always be cheaper to subscribe to Yaoi Crate to get exclusive items than it is to buy the same items from Kinboshi Goods’ website, but we want to ensure everyone has a chance to get the items they may have missed out on.


What language is the manga and doujinshi you include in your boxes? 


All of our yaoi and BL manga and doujinshi will be in english. However, we may make merchandise that features some Japanese language characters. 


What does it mean if an item has a “Yaoi Crate Exclusive” logo on it? 


If your item has a Yaoi Crate Exclusive logo on it, it means that the item is either a first-to-market item (you get it before the general public has access to it), it was only made for Yaoi Crate (cannot be found anywhere else except for and in the Yaoi Crate), or that it is a limited edition variant of an existing item (for example, a manga with an exclusive color page not included in standard editions.) 


How does Yaoi Crate support the artists? 


By working directly with mangaka and the publishers, we are ensuring that the artists are being paid for their artwork to be turned into merchandise and goods. We are very passionate about supporting artists in Japan and will always do what we can to ensure they are compensated fairly for their work.