We'd Like to Introduce You to...Um?

Today is 801 Day, better known as Yaoi Day! This special holiday is celebrated by BL and yaoi fans around the world, so what better day to introduce you to the official Yaoi Crate Gijinka, and learn more about him.

Gijinka are popular anthropomorphized mascots of businesses, companies, government agencies, services, and more! They are a fun way for customers to relate to a business, and the services they offer.

For our mascot, we asked the yaoi community for artist submissions and were flooded with amazing sketches of some beautiful boys. We decided to work with an artist named Setsuri at Collateral Damage Studios, a collective made up of anime illustrators based in Singapore! Setsuri-sensei's character designs were exactly what we were looking in an official gijinka for Yaoi Crate.

We couldn't be happier with Setsuri-sensei's work and highly recommend anyone who is looking for high-quality artwork to reach out to Collateral Damage Studios.

So Let's Meet Him!

Our mascot embodies the excitement of getting a monthly box of goodies in the mail full of lots of boys, and lots of happiness. Nothing makes him happier than delivering your package to you every month, and he cannot wait to wake up in the morning to get these boxes to you! When he is not out delivering your BL boxes, he can either be found at his local arcade shaking it to the latest J-pop song on an arcade dancing machine (his favorite is Pump It Up), slurping some warm veggie ramen, or in the park reading the latest BL doujinshi. When on the job, nothing distracts him from getting your box to you, except for the sight of his favorite animal, tanuki!

But What's His Name?

You may have noticed one important thing about our new friend, or at least the absence of it... What's his name?! Well, that's where you come in. We are giving you, our friends and followers, the ability to submit you name suggestions! Starting today and ending August 8th, you can submit your choice for what his name should be based on the info above. Here are some of the rules: (Full rules on submission page)

  1. His name must be Japanese, and can have the honorific "-kun" added to the end.

  2. We are only looking for his first name.

  3. Only one submission per person.

  4. To send in your submission, fill out this form here.

  5. Your submission must be submitted by 11:59:59pm MT on August 8th, 2020

  6. If more than one person submits the same name, we will choose the person who submitted first.

Once the submissions have closed, Yaoi Crate management will choose the name they like best, and the winner will be awarded our first month's Yaoi Crate for FREE!

So what are you waiting for?! Send in your name suggestions here!